In a world of alchemy, elementals called ishim live alongside humans as partners. But in the city of Lavin, something is turning ishim into maddened monsters.

Seeking a cure as the alchemist Risu, you find yourself with four odd allies: a childhood friend, a respected professor, an ice-cold soldier, and a spirited ishim. But the closer you and your chosen partner get to the truth and to each other, the closer your pasts loom, and some truths should never be faced alone...

With the help of others, will you finally be able to open your heart again?

Or will you turn away and let everything burn?

The Game (Demo)

Heart Sigil Elchemia is a grand fantasy-romance visual novel, following a serious and determined protagonist fighting to solve the case of ishim madness. Develop unique relationships with each of 4 male love interests as you pursue the central mystery together.

This demo contains:

  • Common route chapters 1-2 and 4 romance scenes (25k words, 2 hr playtime)
  • All 4 love interests
  • 10 CGs
  • Action, camaraderie, alchemy, and sarcastic talking wolves

The full game is expected to contain:

  • A full common route + 4 romance routes (~250-300k words, >20 hrs playtime)
  • 2-3 endings per route
  • At least 10 CGs per love interest
  • Complex character growth for both love interests and the protagonist
  • You can pet the wolf


The Dev's Goals

I'm shibalist, a solo dev who really wanted to make a shonen anime but who was too lazy to draw all of the frames. But visual novels are just as good!

I'd like to release Heart Sigil Elchemia by 2024; at the moment the common route is fully written, and all romance routes have been outlined. Since I'm funding myself in creating this game, the main blocker will be time and energy, but I hope to have updates every month, and possibly a longer demo by the end of 2022.

To follow the development of this game, sign up for the monthly newsletter, which will include sneak peeks at development and some unique art! Or follow me on twitter (for shitposting and art) or here on itch (for devlogs) :D

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(48 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withUnity
TagsAnime, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Meaningful Choices, Mystery, Otome, Romance, Story Rich


Heart Sigil Elchemia Demo 204 MB

Development log


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is this still being developed?


This game is currently on hiatus while I focus on other work, but I expect to come back! In the meantime, feel free to enjoy the current demo or my other finished games :)

I will definitely download and play this soon! Frey seems to be my type of guy, as well as Eguze, so I look forward to meeting them. I'm going to wait to download until I can pay at least a little bit to help fund you. ^_^

Hi, any updates on the game? 😊 Also, I just wanted to ask if you're planning to release it on any other platform(s) besides Windows and Linux? Perhaps MacOS? Good luck with development! 😄

I was enthralled playing your game the art the characters super enjoyable. I was very dissapointed when I finished the demo. But take your time, this game is very worth the wait.

Does the mc have a gender? Or will that be selectable in the future?

Yep, she's a woman.

This demo has me thoroughly entranced! Every part of this game- the gorgeous art,  the plot, the world building, the UI, the music- deserves praise, and I'm dying to learn more about the love interests(!!). Eguze's become my unexpected favorite, but between the writing of the demo and the sneak peeks into their routes I think this is a game I'll be absorbed in for every route. I can't wait for what's to come!


Thank you so much for appreciating the demo (and Eguze)! I have a ways to go yet, but I love all of these characters and absolutely want to do their stories justice in the full game, so I'll do my best to make that happen :D

i'm just pleased to hear you're still working on it :3

Keep it up, I look forward to writing a review for the completed version!


Digging the demo and very much looking forward to the full game when it’s complete! The mystery of it all has definitely caught my interest - and I love the MC. :)


Excellent, thank you for checking it out! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the way the MC's written, and I hope to have a longer demo out soon. :)

(1 edit)

Text gets cut off in the NVL parts when the font is set to Large or Very Large. Using the Default font.

Example is when talking about the Azoth, Philosiphjer's Stone the "achieved..." will be cut off in Large and the whole sentence in Extra Large

Oh, dammit - I guess that makes sense based on the implementation I went with. Thanks for letting me know! I'll take another look at the NVL sections for the next demo version.



Your art improved compared to your previous project! I really dig Soma's and Frey's design.
Do we get to see Yrsa in the full version?


Thank you! And yes, you do :D





very much looking forwards to main game

Hey, I just finished it. I feels bad that I slept while playing the demo. The story is nice but I just feeling sleepy TT^TT sorry. I will be waiting for the game to be released <3 I love Frey character btw ahem. It caught my eyes since the beginning haih... 

Thanks for the demo~

Hahaha thank you, I'm glad you liked Frey!


Really surprised that I enjoyed all the love interests. And I really love the main character. Plot is very interesting, great hook to start on. The snippets of romantic scenes at the end of the demo were excellent. Looking forward to more of this!


I'M ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME!! The demo introduces everything so well that I didn't feel anything necessary was left off. I'm definitely pursuing Eguze route when the rest of the demo plays. He is my favorite along with Seruvian!


Awww thank you for loving Eguze! His route is very involved, but I'll try to make it as good as I can!

This is looking amazing! The art is very high quality and the short bit of story in the demo was enough to get me hooked. And most importantly the characters all feel like real people with real motivations. The little romance previews at the end of the demo made me so eager to find out more about the love interests! (especially Frey) (what does his scene mean??)


Frey is a Lot and so is [spoilers] :D

Thank you for the appreciation again - I'm glad that each of the characters came off as realistic, and that the art and presentation looks good!

I love the sound and visual effects! The story is intriguing, and I personally like the UI design. Elements of the story were enough to hook me in, and a peek of the characters' story and interaction had me wanting for more. Great work to the devs! Can't wait for the full game to come!

Thank you! It's really nice to hear that the small details like sounds and visuals are paying off, and that the characters are appealing.


I personally love it when much efforts are put even in the small details. You should be proud of this work! Thank you for working hard. Looking forward for more of the game. :D


I'd love to know when the full game comes out, this looks pretty awesome

Late-2023 is my current estimate! Unfortunately I don't have a better timeline than that because there's a lot of work and time left, but I'll definitely keep everyone updated with devlogs and my newsletter.


oh god i can't wait for the full game to pet the wolf


I'll prioritize it highly :D

Wow, this demo was so gripping! And the action scenes were really well-written and engaging! I like the MC too and love how proactive she is. I didn't want to spoil myself with the sneak peeks but I'm so excited to read more and get answers to the mystery!

The sneak peeks are a bit of a way to show parts of the romance routes without including too much in the demo, so don't worry about being spoiled about the story - they're mostly there to pique curiosity! But I understand if you'd rather experience the romances fully.

this game is amazing. I fell in love with Shiba list's writing and art on Yrsa Major and this demo wasn't different. I'm very excited to see the full game! 

Thank you for continuing to love these characters! :D


I'm very keen to see the rest of the story after the demo! You get a great introduction to the world and characters and you can definitely sense a bunch of hints of a deeper plot in every corner. And it was sweet to get a little reunion with Uribel! It was great that each LI got his fair share of screentime so that I was already pretty certain whose route I'd want to play first by the end of it. The little additional romance scenes were appreciated as well >_> With how different each LI is both personality-wise and regarding their role in the overall plot, I expect that I won't get bored when playing every route to get the full picture.

Anyway, shiny art, good writing, confident MC with a great design, cool fantasy themes, perfect mixture of asshole and sweet himbo LIs, 10/10

Thank you very much for the in-depth analysis! I'm glad that the differences between the characters are apparent, and that the plot and time spent on characters felt well-balanced.

Look at what I found! 

Im so excited for this