Yrsa Major, 6 months later

It's been a while since Yrsa Major came out! I'm still always surprised/happy every time I see someone else talking about this story. I quite honestly expected about 3 people to play my game about a buff lady dating an old man, so I've been consistently blown away by the welcome it's received, and especially the love for both Yrsa and Uribel.

Recently, I've been ramping up work on Heart Sigil Elchemia, the follow-up/"main game" in Yrsa Major's world of alchemy and ishim.  But though it focuses on a new protagonist and a new story, this doesn't mean Yrsa and Uribel are forgotten! In fact:

Both of them will play a significant role in Heart Sigil Elchemia, and I hope to show even more of their loving relationship over the course of that story as well. If you want to get a sneak peek, check out the Heart Sigil Elchemia demo!

And to end by thanking everyone, here is a Uribel chibi that a fan requested :D (Yrsa will be drawn as well! Someday! When I have time again!)

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Again, thank you so so much for making this game. It's still a touching presentation of femininity to me and the healthy relationship dynamic is healing to remember.

Good luck on your main project! I am very eager to see how it turns out!


husband ;_; <3




So cute!

What attracted me to the game WAS the fact that the fact that it was a buff lady dating an older man! A nice and different dynamic than in most games :D
So thank you for making this game and sharing it with all of us! I'm looking forward to your next game for sure!


Thank you very much! Haha, I absolutely loved making this, and I hope my next games will be just as refreshing.