In a world governed by the laws of alchemy, where elementals called ishim live among humans, and alchemists are revered... the woodcutter Yrsa doesn't care about any of that. Her village is too poor for alchemists or ishim, and monsters frequently menace it. All she wants is to protect her village however she can.

Then an encounter with a mysterious alchemist leaves Yrsa bonded to an ishim of her own.  However, rather than being powerful or fierce, Uribel is a gentle pacifist, a water elemental with a love for all living creatures - and as a result is entirely useless to Yrsa, or so she thinks.

But as Uribel continues to aid her in his own way, could Yrsa eventually come to accept that there is more to strength than power, and more to love than the love she'd given up on?


  • 30k words, ~2 hours of playtime
  • 10 CGs
  • 3 endings
  • 1 older male love interest
  • Powerful female protagonist
  • A straightforward healing romance with action, suspense, magic, and big creepy monsters.


Yrsa Character Card

About the Dev

shibalist is a hobbyist writer and artist, who really likes animating fights and crying to AMV montages.



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Install instructions

For Windows, download the .zip file and execute the Yrsa Major An Elchemia Story application.

For Macs, unzip the .app and install it as you normally would. If you have trouble running the app, you may need to right-click the app and select "Open", rather than just double-clicking it.

For Linux, unzip and run the Yrsa Major An Elchemia Story x86_64 file.

Development log


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Holy crud, that was amazing, and I was supposed to take my shower tonight but could not set this game aside to do so. Dry shampoo is going to have to cover for me tomorrow.  I'm usually too much of a cynic for relentlessly optimistic romances, yet somehow, Yrsa and Uribel were both believable enough in the ways that they grew together as people to make it work. Partly it might have been how well you reverse the typical "men-strong, women-peaceful" dynamic; it makes sense that both of these characters would become the kind of people that they are given their backgrounds, and that they'd have some feelings of inadequacy because of that. They complement each other perfectly. The world-building was also well done: gave enough detail to flesh things out while also leaving me curious about the world and its intricacies. (Uribel was super relatable in that regard.) 

Though I can't say I cried while playing this game, I was legitimately worried for the characters after every daimon attack and bandit encounter, and was left with a thorough case of the warm fuzzies by the end. Eventually, I found myself thinking, "Come on, when's the wedding?"  after every scene. Only got one ending so far, but am tempted to re-play just to explore this story from every possible angle. 

Thank you for all the wholesome feels. And excellent work!


I'm going to subscribe to the latest comment and agree that I went into Yrsa Major completely blind and I also was blown away by how well done the story around them develops (and that I also caught the unexpected feels and cried - caught me by surprise too). 

Everything feels natural, their interactions with the side characters complement and enrich the world building; The gender reversal was a fresh and welcome breath. 

I loved to see Yrsa's perception of the world and herself bloom the more contact she had with Uribel. How she fought that change every step of the way, both as stubbornness and as a defense - and yet she had the empathy to question her world views and try to see his side; Reminded me of that saying "Water dripping day by day wears the hardest rock away" 

Hope you are doing okay, keep doing the things you love and thank you for creating this memorable story <3


Awww thank you very much for saying so! Full disclosure, I cried myself the first time I really went through that one scene, so I'm just glad that it wasn't just me and it really can touch other people as well hahaha

I'm doing well and still working on stories I want to share with the world, so no worries there (even if my dev output has been lacking recently). Thank you again for enjoying this game!


Hi, well...I just wanted to say that I REALLY loved your game. At first I just downloaded it to pass the time since I couldn't find anything else that seem remotely interesting. What first attracted me to it was the art style and GOD, it was even prettier in the game itself. I wasn't really interested in the game at first because there is only one route...and Uribel's design didn't catch my eye so much, but once I downloaded it  and tried it out I just couldn't put it away. Yrsa's story and her relationship with Uribel it's TRULY wholesome and feels real. Really, I wasn't planning to get so invested or even EXPECTED to like them both that much...but the longer I played, the more I started to care for them. Could you believe I even cried when they hugged the night before the final scene? Seriously, this game made me feel so much and such powerful feels that sometimes I can't even believe it. When I finished it I felt a little empty because of how much I missed the characters and their world...but I know they will be fine, and I hope that your next game can also make me feel like this one did (even if only a little). Thank you very much for giving me such a wonderful experience. Take care and hope you keep the good work!


Awww thank you so much for your kind words! I'm glad that you gave this game a chance and ended up enjoying their story so much, and yes, I think that final night hug scene was one of my favorite scenes in the game as well to write. They absolutely will be fine, and I hope that whenever my next release happens (... someday...) it'll be just as emotionally touching for people!

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Have you ever heard of Spice and Wolf, this reminds me of that. It's awesome, although this has way way way more action in it.

I have! That's interesting, although I didn't realize my game was so similar in tone :o


This is a really well done game.  LIKE SUPER WELL DONE.  I was going from one VN to another...  Trying to find something interesting to read and ended falling asleep on some...  Forcing myself to finish them...  Then my instincts were like "hey...  Read this game."  And when instincts tell you things, you better listen...  Because they were so right!!!

Apart from really great art, story, CGs and everything, this game made me want to continue my journey to read more VNs.  The twists were also unsuspected and guess what?  This game has choices that actually MAKE SENSE!!!  Seriously, compared to some games *shakes head*.  I got the ending I wanted, so I was super happy with it!

Also, I usually liked to tell stories to my husband, since he doesn't read VNs...  And he refused to let me play any other game until I finished this one (This is just a joke).  Yes, it's THAT good that even someone who doesn't WANT to read VNs...  Now WANTS to read this one!  That's an epic accomplishment.

And holy fudge, this game has an older male and a strong woman!  *Actual* strong woman.  Kudos and credit and I was all for it.  I am also glad there is another game too...  Because I have something to look forward to now.  :3

My main question is... This game being so good...  How am I supposed to read anything else now...?  Come back later and re-read this one?  You darn know I will!

Thank you so much and truly from two wonderful people who found true love amidst all of the challenges...  And I am not talking about the main protagonists...  ^.^


Awwww thank you! lol, I'm so glad my game about my own Very Specific Favorite Character Types has been able to reach a non-traditional VN reader as well, and that you're excited for the next story in this universe. I'm very slowly working towards it (it's a far bigger project than before), but I hope you'll come back and read it once I have more of it out as well!

We will definitely be around for the project and we wanted to wish you the best of luck as well!  ^(^-^)^


I left a rating as well but i just wanted to say this was a beautiful game. Ill post the full rating here for other people to see my thoughts but honestly, great job on this:

"This was honestly so good, it blew my expectations out of the water. Not only could i relate to the main female mc Yrsa especially with the feeling of not being particularly "womenly" or "feminine enough" which was a very immersive endearing fact, but i absolutely loved the character dynamic between the two of them. Uribel was sweet and stole my heart from the beginning, it was nice seeing his character progression as he went. I will admit though the Daimon detail at the end hints at some pretty scary things- Anyways all that aside lovely game to play and it one of the best ive ever played, thank you so much for the experience!! "


Thank you very much for both your rating and your thoughts! I'm really glad Yrsa has been such a relatable protagonist, and I really do think it's worth telling stories with less common main character types (I also like fantasy worldbuilding, so I hope the next game will also pay off with the daimon details :D )


This is perfect! I don't even know what to say!


Story, characters, setting, art, music, emotions, writing, colors, clarity, lore..... EVERYTHING

I really connect to this story specifically. I'm not a skilled fighter or strong like Yrsa, but I am a strong, 6ft tall, broad shouldered, pale lady who has light red hair, big calves, big hands, is nicknamed Bear, and has been made fun of for all of the above. Oh my god this was a fantastic story! I so appreciate Yrsa's backstory and how she was able to move on from the pain of ridicule and judgement but how she also wasn't. She really internalized those feelings and just assumed that she wasn't ever going to be a "real" lady. I almost cried. I'd done the same thing. I leaned into the stereotype and decided that I was going to embrace my strength but also had to learn that strength is not being able to break things or using force. Still don't want to wear dresses sometimes because I feel silly and like I'm a walking giant that everyone will stare at. Some days are better and I do love heels and being tall. I want to go to the gym and get stronger but am also scared...

My nickname Bear was more of a fond one and my dad encouraged my strength but my mom wouldn't let me play "boy sports" and seemed embarrassed if I ever stood out for being strong or wanted to roughhouse. My dad would bet his friends that I could pick them up and he was always so happy when I proved them wrong and lifted them off the ground when I was only in 5th grade. I noticed though that the guys I lifted would sometimes look at me with a mixture of wariness and like I was some sort of thing... Also I'm assuming that Yrsa has the same problem that I do when shopping for shoes. They're never right and men's shoes and jackets fit much better but then you're wearing "men's clothes" and get told you look like a linebacker or like you're going to break something??? Was told by my boyfriends mother once that we "looked bad together" and by a different boyfriends mother that we "didn't look right together" I was too tall.  My dates were always shorter than me which I thought was fine but they would also be made fun of and get asked things like "Who wears the pants" and "how do you two.. ya know?" and my fav "If she falls on you she will crush you"....-_-

I could go on forever. I wish I could go to this town and meet her and Uribel. I would love to learn woodworking even if I'm older than all her students by a lot... Ugh I want to cry again. I love this story and am going to recommend this to my friends online who play too <3


Thank you so much for giving your story! When I came up with the concept for Yrsa Major, a significant part of it was drawn from my experiences of feeling like there was One Right Way to be considered a woman, and I wasn't fulfilling it. (I also completely understand the experience of looking at pretty women's shoes and sighing, because big square feet.) So I wanted to put a little of my feelings into this story and push it out there for whoever needed it, but wow, I hadn't expected it to be so on-the-nose for someone else's experiences.

(Thinking about it, Yrsa probably DOES just buy men's boots, or gets them tailored/alchemized to fit her size if she has some extra income... but would she, considering how much of her money goes towards helping the village......)

Hearing that it resonated with you so much is really humbling, honestly. It also makes me feel like I definitely need to keep moving forward with stories of "women who feel like they're bad at being women and who are still worthy of love". But that aside, you'll definitely see Yrsa and Uribel again in the next game in this universe, Heart Sigil Elchemia! I hope that the future stories I tell can be just as cathartic to you and others who may need them :D


I am obviously following you now and eagerly awaiting any new games you make!!! When I realized her nickname was Bear I laughed like a crazy person XD. My husband jumped and looked at me and asked, "whoa what's going on!?" then.... "Hey she looks like you"  !! I regaled him with the entire story during our long car ride last weekend and he loved it too :)

I thought about it and she would probably just buy "men's shoes" and be done with it. Maybe there is a cobbler in her town though (depending on world building) and she just has shoes made for her as a trade for her carpentry work or, better yet, she makes/repairs her own because shopping for shoes or going to a tailor was such a pain.

I think you DEFINITELY hit on stereotypes for men and women. Uribel (not knowing that homemaking, cooking, and cleaning were "women's tasks") was just being helpful in any way he could. I love where Yrsa was thinking to herself that what he was doing was more of a womens role and pretended in my head that she mentioned that to him (in passing or just thinking out loud). Just for him to ask, "oh, does it matter?", and her to say, " it doesn't:)" I know she did have that realization but I just think he is so sweet (^_^) Women who are "bad at being women" and men who are "bad at being men"! It kills me that female MCs in dating games are 99% of the time taller than all the LIs. In M/M dating games it's almost just as bad for some reason??? Like the MC regardless is going to be short. I know short people exist, and I don't have a problem with seeing them or something BUT wow, ok, I see how it is. I could go on forever with weird stereotypes in dating games because I have played voraciously for the past 11 years. But your game is a breath of fresh air. I love it, and I wish I could wipe my memory of it and play it again for the first time. I'll definitely play again though :)

(I can't stand people who try to get away with mean comments (like her stupid date when she was 18) by just saying "I was just kidding" or "it's just a fact" or "I'm just telling you what other people are thinking, I'm trying to help". )

I have zero doubts that all your future endeavors will be of great interest and comfort to me <3

im not big on story games, so i didnt finish, but i can tell you put a lot of work into this, good job!

I enjoyed this game so much! It felt so satisfying to see Yrsa and Uribel love each other and grow as individuals. This game caught my attention since the premise was so unconventional, and I was surprised that it was even better than I expected. I really related to Yrsa in how her previous bad experience left her with insecurity about how people perceived her, and I also was really inspired by how she learned from the experience and chose to never change who she was despite the trauma.

Beyond Yrsa and Uribel, I loved a lot of small things like how supportive the whole village was toward the two of them and their romance even before they confessed to each other. It was refreshing to not have anyone poke fun at them for who they were (age-wise, demeanor, or occupation) or for their choice to be together. Also loved how Marcia had three happy marriages. So much sweetness.

I really liked this game. Thank you for delivering this pocket of joy into my day. Also, thank you for making it available in browser since it is very accessible. :D


Awwww thank you for your appreciation of their story! It was definitely one that I felt strongly about writing, especially since so many stories tend to make one party change who they are in response to trauma, and I wanted to go the absolute opposite direction. I've been very glad to see everyone enjoying it so much!

I also just loved putting all of the cutest unconventional NPC tropes I could think of into this, so I'm glad they stood out 8D I loved writing Marcia as well as Olayn - maybe I just like writing old people who don't give a shit? But yes, sometimes we just want a cute and healing story, so I'm glad I was able to provide!

This was amazing! I loved it! For most of it, I had a huge grin on my face. At certain parts, I was misty-eyed. The parts where Yrsa was talking about the people who judged her and how it felt... God my heart, I've been in a similar situation... except in my case it was emotional "strength" where I wouldn't cry or show any emotion other than happiness. My partners would get mad at my inability to open up. I open up pretty easily online, but... it's easier when you can't see someone judging you. Anywho, I love this game! I am so glad that I found it!

Ahh, I'm glad you were able to see some of your own experiences in this game! Strength and vulnerability is always complicated to express, so I wanted to write a story/game that provided a safe place to explore it. Thank you for your kind words!

You're right, strength and vunerability are difficult to express. In my opinion, it's even more difficult when you're writing it in a story because you have to make sure it hits that proper note, and yeah... it's much easier to be open with your feelings when you're leaving a short comment. 

Not a problem! I can't wait to see them again in Heart Sigil Elchemia! By the way, is Heart Sigil Elchemia going to remain free?

Writing stories is just hard in general, admittedly, but I'm always very happy to hear that people have engaged with my story in ways that've helped them :D

I'm planning for Heart Sigil Elchemia to be paid eventually, given the scope of work that will need to go into it, but I'd like to release a pretty significant amount of content in either the extended demo (or even a full-ass free route) before that happens! So keep an eye out :o

I get what you mean... writing takes a LOT of work. I write stories/novels for fun, although I want to make a career out of it eventually. Unfortunately, I haven't finished a single one. Not because I don't want to, but I run into a lot of writers' block and I just can't find my way around it. Anywho, I can only imagine how much more work goes into a project like this. 

With that said, I would appreciate a free route or game, but I totally understand having to pay for it as well as the reason for having it cost money. Unfortunately, I would be unable to pay for it currently, but hopefully in the future I will be able to. Anywho, thanks again for the amazing game!

This was actually so cute I had a massive smile glued to my face almost the whole time, I love Yrsa and Uribel

Awww thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed their story :D


OH MY GOOOODD that was so good!!! I want to see more of them so badly... Yrsa was so cool and Uribel was adorable! I always say we should see older love interests, and more healthily written relationships in visual novels. This scratches that itch perfectly! If you were to do a sequel, would it follow a completely new couple or continue to develop our favorite strong lady and sweet elemental?


Thank you so much for appreciating their relationship! I had a lot of fun writing Yrsa's gruff strength and Uribel's kindness.

And the answer to your question is both, actually :) I've just released a demo for Heart Sigil Elchemia, the main game of the series, where some familiar characters will make a reappearance. If you'd like, check it out and let me know what you think!


If you like fantasy adventures and watching a romance between adults who have their shit together, but still have their flaws and learn from each other through their relationship, this is the game for you. Yrsa and Uribel are soooo cuuuuuute together!

Hello shibalist! Do you have an email where I can contact you? I'd like to talk to you about the possibility of translating Yrsa Major into Spanish :)

Deleted 2 years ago

I finally had time to play this, and now I'm all fuzzy and warm <3 I loved how Yrsa was more reserved in both her words and expressions, while Uribel was very open and even bubbly. But I gotta say I loved the guards and villagers with their simple sprites! I wish there had been more sprites for the villagers, there were so many great personalities. I'm looking forward to seeing more games like this!

Thank you so much! I actually really appreciate you saying so about the NPCs; I tend to enjoy throwing small character tidbits in there outside of the MCs, so it's good to know they were appealing as characters. I hope you'll enjoy the next one as well!


This game was such a gem. I played it earlier today and have thought about it a lot since then. :) It made me feel so warm and fuzzy.

Thank you for making it, I look forward to seeing your future work!

Thank you so much! I hope you'll enjoy the next games as well when they come out :D



It's now the end of the playthrough of Yrsa Major! You can watch the full playthrough in the playlist here:

I greatly enjoyed the game and especially the dynamics between the characters. You had conflicts between the characters, but it was resolved in such a nice and mature way, and I also liked Yrsa and Uribel as characters. It made the flow of the games so calming, making it less heavy and more of a slice-of-life cute, wholesome and calming story. I especially loved the music on the menu screen too, good choice! 

Oh gosh, thank you for doing such a comprehensive playthrough and for your observations on all of the things you enjoyed - I'm very glad to see you appreciated the characters and the overall tone of the story! I haven't had enough time to sit down and watch the videos recently, but I'll definitely make a note to do so. Thanks again for playing!


Oh my god... 

I was incredibly moved.

BUT NOT IN A WAY WHERE IT WAS HEAVY AND DEPRESSING! It was... so, so light, yet emotional at the same time. It's been a long time since I've felt this way and am SO grateful for this story.

Umm, a bit of TMI ahead, so forgive me... (ˉ▽ˉ;) But some of the internal struggles I've had about my own femininity were seen in this story, and for me, that was a journey I did NOT expect to be entering through an otome! So... Yeah. Just.... Thanks.

Not to mention the rest of the story. The dynamic between the characters because of their contrasting points of view. The smooth way you integrated both of these into one story was done so naturally, it felt brilliant to read. Thank you so much. It was... Just great. 

Also, lolol, I've been trying to get into games with older men as love interests, so this was definitely a very, VERY good start. If you catch my drift ( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• )

This holds a deeper meaning to me because of the non-heavy way it helped me see some of my own issues in a less complicated light, so I hope you don't mind me projecting onto your work.

But even without that, this is a lovely story of two people I am honoured to have been introduced to. So thank you once again and I hope the next game is something you, creators, are satisfied with.

Have a nice week <3


Thank you for sharing your experiences! I'm really quite honored to hear that my game helped you figure out some of your own thoughts regarding femininity, since that's a concept I've always been fascinated by, and always wanted to explore, in the context of love and romance.  (Also, older men who can be soft and supportive are Very Good.)

I hope to write more stories in the future that provide just as interesting approaches to gender roles and character interactions, so I really appreciate your feedback, and I hope you'll enjoy them just as much!


Goodness, really?! New approaches to gender roles?! T_T My little heart needed to hear this today, thank you so much! Good luck! I will be loyally checking out all your work from now on! It's heartwarming that you responded to me, thank you, hehe. Have a good week!


.l...I love it.... I did not cry, I did not save all the pictures in gallery, i-

Okay here's long rant. It was so good, too good, even. I was on my journey to find interactive fictions that consist only text, but the art caught my attention. honestly i thought they were both men lol, but i got more excited when I read powerful female protagonist and older man love interest.

and the way the story flows- god it was so beautiful. not too long and complicated, but enough to keep me on my seat and read through all of it in one sit cuz i want to feel all the emotions in one go. i cannot tell you how much i wanna bite something cuz uribel is just so cute-

such adorable characters. i love them all. thank you for this amazing game. i'm looking forward to your big project!


Ahhh thank you! I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed this story and these characters so much - I had a lot of fun writing it as well, especially all of the cute and emotional moments (and Uribel and Yrsa being adorable together). And I hope you'll enjoy the next project just as much! :)


I adore this so much I want a tattoo of the characters.

That's how much I love this game. <3

Beautifully done, charming story, endearing unique characters.

One of a kind game. 


Awww! Thank you so much for saying so 8D


This game was such a gem! Really, thank you so much for making a game where the main female character is empowered and makes her own way despite traditional gender roles. I'm glad to see a love interest that doesn't resent this, or her, and is able to fill in and be comfortable where he is. It's truly refreshing, I'll be keeping an eye out for more!


Yessss that's exactly what I hoped to achieve with this game, so thank you for appreciating it! I really like the stories that can be told from different types of female perspectives, especially women who don't fit traditional molds of femininity and love interests who are interested in different dynamics in their romance. All of them still deserve love, and I hope to write more unique relationships going forward!

Hello and congratulations on releasing the game! This game was recommended to me by someone and the experience had been great so far! I love the interactions, the slice of life and gentleness between Yrsa and Uribel so far! It's nice to have such a mature couple. I may or may not too hype about certainnnnn CGs and may be completely butchered everyone's name, haha! This is the part 1 of my gameplay! 

Oh my gosh awwww! Thank you for the playthrough, and for your excitement at the CGs; I'm very happy you enjoyed both the 1st and the kabedon CG so much 8D


oooo such a sweet story I can't even <3

The romance between Yrsa and Uribel was well developed, and lovely to read owo I'm glad that Yrsa finally found someone to live with, she seemed sort of lonely before. The art was really well done and so was the writing!! Uribel was a softie but not irritating at all--Yrsa was gruff, but not a jerk! 

I especially liked the Major Daimon. Its design was so cool to look at, and made me wonder about how it could have made, and what kinds of animals went into it....👀


Aw yiss, thank you for appreciating the big daimon - that'll be something also explored a little more in the next game :D And I'm very happy the characters' personalities and the romance felt natural!

(1 edit) (+2)

I finished playing and this story was so, sooo adorable!!! <3 I really loved seeing Yrsa and Uribel's relationship develop gradually. And the world-building was so detailed!

It's so nice to play a refreshing visual novel like this. The art and animation is also top-notch, btw! I look forward to the next installment!


Thank you very much! I'll work hard to make the next game even better :)


What a charming story!   I'll admit to curiosity about how a story with another type of elemental ishim would play out as well...


Thank you! Different elemental ishim tend toward different personalities, but individuality does still play a part - hopefully I'll be able to show that soon. :)


This was really an awesome game! I really enjoyed it,I just loved that the MC is so different from your typical MC in a game, I really loved her and Uribel as well, I swear to god, I screamed a little bit in some of the scenes from how cute he was,  really loved the game and Im really looking forward to your future proyects! :)


Oh man, thank you! I really loved writing Uribel as well, as a warm and calm character who could be adorable in his own way. I'm glad you liked Yrsa too, and I hope to have more projects out soon! :)


This was so, so good! Uribel's gentleness brought tears to my eyes and Yrsa was such a good person even though she couldn't see it... Man. I think I'm going to come back and replay this the same way I reread my favorite books. There's just something about this story that clicks in my heart. Thank you so much for making it and sharing it with the world!


Awwww - that's lovely to hear, thank you for enjoying it so much!


I loved the art style and character design for this game! I really enjoyed the lore that this hinted at for the other game(s) in this series; it got me excited for more!


Thank you! I'm very happy to hear that the lore and character designs drew you in; I'll do my best to make the next games exciting to read as well!


I really enjoyed this! Awesome writing and art! All of the CGs were lovely.

I love Yrsa's strength and how dedicated she is to protecting those she cares about. And Uribel is so sweet and gentle. His interactions with the village children were so cute.


Aww! Thank you for your appreciation - I'm glad you liked both Yrsa and Uribel!

This one's neat!  I covered it in the first part of my Otome Jam reviews.  You can see Yrsa Major starting at 2:19.

Thank you for covering Yrsa Major, and for looking forward to future games!


I absolutely loved this! I really enjoyed playing an MC with such a strongly defined personality, and the fact that she didn't follow what you'd conventionally expect from a female protagonist. The art was very pretty [to avoid spoilers I'll just say my favourite CGs were the ones featuring the shield, and the bed] and I loved how Yrsa and Uribel's bond grew stronger. Very fun playthrough and I'm looking forward to the next game!

Aw yiss, thank you! Those were some of my favorite CGs as well, and I'm very glad my unconventional MC choice was enjoyable to read about. I hope to have the next game ready to show soon!


He put his hand over hers-

Me: They're married =D

I'm a sucker for odd couples, so I've actually had my eyes on this when I saw it on Twitter during production. 

I ended up liking the world building, and the characters were certainly unique- not the usual protagonists you'd see (and I'm a sucker for that too =w=). 

Hope we'll see other ishim elements? Been wondering if an earth one would have rocks for hair XD

hehehe (yes, I love those small moments of affection too!)

Thank you for showing appreciation for the characters and worldbuilding! The other elements of ishim will appear in the next game, Heart Sigil Elchemia, and their designs will definitely be varied :D

(1 edit) (+1)

Very wholesome :D I tend to self-insert when I play VNs, but I was just happy to watch this story unfold as an observer, like going through a fairytale :3 Uribel's character design is absolutely gorgeous! I love his pretty hair, haha. I never thought I would enjoy reading a romance with an older LI, but everything about this was just very heartwarming and sweet. I haven't managed to get all the CGs yet because I've made it my mission to see if I can try all the jam submissions over this weekend, but the ones I have unlocked are beautiful ^-^


Thank you! 8D I'm glad you were able to enjoy the story even though it wasn't very self-insert-able, and that I could design an older LI who was enjoyable to read. I'm also trying to slowly go through all of the jam games over the next few days, so good luck to us both!


This story made my heart feel warm and cozy  -  a healing romance indeed! I especially loved Yrsa's character and found her backstory compelling. I'm so excited to read your future works! 

Awww, thank you! I'm very glad you enjoyed Yrsa's character, and I hope that my future MCs will also be as compelling 8D

(1 edit)

Perfectly sweet without being saccharine or overly idealized.  Loved it from start to finish. Looking forward to your next game!

Thank you! I hope it won't disappoint either :)

I absolutely loved this! Even though the story doesn't shy away from conflict and darker topics, it still manages to be heartwarming all the way through.

Both of the main characters feel like real people with their own voices and nuances. It helps that their sprites are really expressive and always in tune with the dialogue. I also loved how nothing about Yrsa and Uribel's relationship felt forced - it just made perfect sense that they'd fall in love. I'd recommend this game for anyone who enjoys a good romance!


Ahhh thank you for saying so! I'm glad to hear that the story and relationship read as natural, and that the sprites conveyed nuance appropriately. This is great feedback for future projects!

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That was really sweet.

I really really like the main character. Her personality is exactly my type of person I like to play. Plus she is strong (actually strong and capable and sound in mind) too and her hairstyle is both pretty and practical. I always give these type of hairstyle to my characters in RPGs.

I think the alchmist knew that these two people were lonely and brought them together because of it.

Another thing that stuck out to me was the scene with the bandits at the waterfall. Normally when a character like Urbriel reacts like that I want to yeet them into the sun. It's mostly (japanese) otome MCs "McPure'n Sweet" who do that and it comes off always as the cheesiest most ungrateful, naive, ignorant drivel that makes me want to snatch them up and throw them off a cliff (looking at you, time/isekai traveller MC-chan, who ends up in times of war). It's like the don't live in reality and never really were part of human society. Like do they not watch any news and how did they manage to get through their history lessons in school? But in this case it makes perfect sense for someone like Ubriel and it was properly set up and resolved.

Edit: Oh and it was cool to see that the Ubriel/Ysra were just a part of the mystery, not the sole savior. Makes it more realistic for them to experience their small town bliss, in comparison to being the "hero" who solves all the the mysteries.

"yeet them into the sun" hahaha! I definitely agree that this type of idealism can come off as annoying or ignorant, so I'm glad to see that you didn't dislike it here. And thank you for appreciating Yrsa's hair! I really enjoyed designing her aesthetic, and her character was also fun to write.

This was SOOOOO cute MY HEART. 

I absolutely love buff ladies and soft bois so seeing this I was immediately hooked!! Uribel is such a sweetheart and I loved Yrsa. She was so hardworking and selfless, I'm so happy to see that she was able to find someone to be with her. 

I loved loved loved the world building and am seriously excited to see the next title and how it all connects!  

ahhhhh thank you! I'm so happy you liked both the characters and the worldbuilding - making sure Yrsa and Uribel were enjoyable to read was a major focus (soft bois forever), as was designing a world that people would want to see more of.

I'll do my best on the next title as well!


I really enjoyed the game!
I didn’t think I’d be completely won over by the premise (I love buff ladies but don’t usually like older love interests) but the characters’ concepts/growth play off of one another really well, so I really enjoyed how their relationship developed.

I’m also super impressed by the sheer quantity of sprites/variations and the effort put into the sprite movements, it really helped set the tone for the action scenes as well as the more romantic ones.
I look forward to playing more of your games :)


Awww! I'm very glad that even without being 100% into the love interest from the start, the story and characters were able to hook you. Animation is also one of my main artistic inspirations, so knowing that it worked here is great to hear. Thank you! I hope to have more games soon :)